Violations Among pupils with a dyslexia and school students with normal reading children for whom the greatest difficulties were presented by visual Gnostic operations and children with difficulties of performance of visual motor operations were revealed.

Violations of visual Gnostic functions were found in of pupils of control and of pupils experimental groups.

Visual motor functions were not created at of children with normal reading and of dyslexics.

Between both groups significant distinctions by number of the children having violations of visual motor functions are found kritery, r = , Excess of number of the children having violations of visual Gnostic functions in experimental group is noted only at the level of a tendency Hkritery, r = , Calculation of the generalized indicators of formation of oral speech and visual functions The analysis of oral speech and visual functions of pupils initial to the woods showed that success of performance of tests by them was unequal.

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But, unfortunately, it is impossible. Antibiotics

But, unfortunately, it is impossible. Antibiotics Such current is called latent hidden.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis antibiotics typical mistake The typical mistake at treatment of dysbacteriosis is that we, doctors, try to kill harmful flora with antibiotics.

But, unfortunately, it is impossible.

Antibiotics will sterilize useful flora and only for a while muffle the conditionally pathogenic.

Thus we only increase dysbacteriosis.

Chest feeding needs to be kept!

Once again I want to emphasize as it is important to keep chest feeding at disbak to a terioza at kids.

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Chapter We are not aimed to give to children simply knowledge, we give them strength of concentration with which they will be able to study in the adult years much easier.

Chapter Training of children with limited opportunities.

kak to develop the childs brain with limited opportunities The child to whom doctors declared that he needs an institutionalization the condition of the person arising after his long stay in any specialized institution for example, in hospital or a shelter for orphans, can become the clever child if he gets an education which will put emphasis on development of its right hemisphere.

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Exercise Squeezing the comment and unclenching three main fingers a bootee cap, the child thereby exercises those fingers with which will write then.

Exercise demands limit attention, concentration of attention that is also important.

If the kid made the awkward movement and a drop fell to a tray, he will easily notice a mistake and right there will correct, having picked up this drop of the same sawn.

Exercise perfectly trains accuracy in the small movements of a hand.

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Lets consider

Lets consider On all to other analyzed parameters between pupils of control and experimental groups of reliable distinctions it is not revealed.

In spite of the fact that in experimental group of children with violations of the leksikogrammatichesky party was more, degree of expressiveness of these violations is approximately identical in both groups.

Lets consider results of studying of the coherent monological speech at school students of both groups.

On the basis of independent statements of children retelling of the fable of L.

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